TAPFER has stylish and exquisitely-designed apparels and products that are suitable for daily use. Make a statement of your lifestyle choice and set yourself apart from the rest. Be seen, be bold and be different.

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  • Aluminium LED Flashlight

    This lightweight, compact and all-weather flashlight will surely keep you safe and secure indoor or outdoor. Visibility is not a problem with its powerful adjustable beam output of up to 1440 lumens and light range of up to 200 meters. As needed, stay illuminated up to 5.5 hours.

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  • Leather Portable Charger

    This line comes compact in a stylish artificial leather finishing. They can charge up to 2 different devices simultaneously in high-speed and have a USB Type-C charging port to recharge your devices and portable charger. These portable back-ups are ideal for ordinary everyday use.

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  • Magnetic Power Cable

    The TAPFER Magnetic Power Cable is built to last repeated use. A fabric-braided covering surrounds the cord for a tangle-free and anti-twine experience. Plus, its strong magnetic function for easy plug and pull ensures uninterrupted and stable connection. Choose one that will suit your active lifestyle.

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  • Portable Charger with LED Time Display

    This modern-looking portable charger in aluminium-black casing features a LED-display screen of time and charging percentage together with battery status. It ensures an intelligent high-speed charging of up to 2 of a wide variety of devices. Fit for people who prefer convenience more than complexities.

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  • Waterproof Portable Solar Charger

    The ultimate portable charger loaded with all the features to keep you charge while on the go. Never be without power with its built-in solar panel, high-speed smart charging and multiple in and out ports. Its led flashlight and compact, water / shock / dust-proof design is ideal for any demand for outdoor use.

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